Brut Carte d’Or Champagne

The color is beautiful and bright. It is a light yellow hue with golden highlights. The appearance is fresh and pleasant.

On the first nose, a bouquet of white flowers is fully revealed, and then, it makes way to aromas of
yellow and red fruits.

After airing, the notes of Mirabelle plum and orange marmalade embellish the already complex aromatic

These aromas of cooked fruits and of crushed strawberries provide a generous and warm style.
On the palate, it tastes slightly sharp and lemony. With its fine persistence, it is made to last.

This Carte d’Or Cuvée is built on a nice freshness, which makes it a perfect product to be savored as an aperitif with a few puff pastries adorned with sesame seeds or wasabi.

In a few words:

  • For the eye: light yellow, brightness
  • For the nose: red fruits, generosity
  • For the palate: freshness, persistence

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