Brut Rosé Champagne

With its beautiful and rich hue, this Rosé Champagne offers a delightful effervescence. This product
has a soft pink hue with cherry tones. This attractive appearance predicts a fruity and refreshing

This Champagne offers a subtle nose. Several notes of small red berries, forest berries and grenadine mingle in a pleasant and approachable scent.

On the palate, the creamy effervescence underlines the fruity and tasty aspect of the tasting. This cuvée is well structured and balanced. The whole product is delicate and tasty.

This Cuvée Rosé can be served as an aperitif but also with a salmon and chives puff pastry or with a Parma ham and melon skewer.

In a few words

  • For the eye: pink, garnet tints
  • For the nose: red fruits, grenadine
  • For the palate: structured

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